Struggling as a mom?
Worried that you are doing it all wrong?

Miss the life you used to have?

Expected motherhood to be different than what you are experiencing?
Who is this for?
Individual Psychotherapy
  • ​Have trouble adjusting to #MomLife?
  • ​Feel emotional after having baby?
  • Need someone to talk to without feeling judged?
  • ​Find that being a mom, in general, is difficult?
Online Video Psychotherapy
  • ​Don't have childcare or a babysitter?
  • ​Embarrassed to see a therapist?
  • ​Struggling to leave home?
  • ​Chaotic schedule?
Take a moment to be honest with yourself...
Are you struggling with "moming", having crying spells, constant worrying or need someone to listen, without fear of judgement? Are you missing the life you had before your baby or children came along? Are you struggling to attend to your self-care or be kindly assertive with your partner? Are you the default parent? Have you tried to make things work on your own, but finding it impossible? Do ever think, "this isn't what I expected as a mom?" 

Don't wait and hope for things to go away with time. Stop trying to convince yourself that you are fine. You don't have to feel shamed because you aren't feeling your best. The very thing you are avoiding is what is keeping you from getting better. Let me help you!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each day without that heavy feeling of being overwhelmed or unhappy... without those negative thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that are holding you back. I offer a judgement free zone where you can talk about what you are going through AND receive support. I also invite babies in arms to come to session with you.

I practice in Hagerstown, Maryland. Contact me to book your FREE consultation!

I am Toresa Wilson.
My journey to realizing I needed to help other new moms started with my own.
I struggled with anxiety during my pregnancy and after birth. At the time, I didn’t know and I thought it was just me being a worried, new twin mom so I brushed it off.

I struggled through my anxiety alone. Until I decided I needed to see a therapist... and that was the change I needed in my own life!

Realizing there were not a lot of maternal mental health therapists in my community, I decided I wanted to become one to be a support for all the women who are alone, the ones who are afraid to seek therapy because of their own thoughts and feelings or fear being judged by others. 

I am now trained in Maternal Mental Health. I am screening new moms for postpartum anxiety/depression and helping to treat these issues (they are very treatable). I am also helping moms who are just struggling to survive in motherhood. I would love to hear your story and help on your journey through motherhood. 
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